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Before you begin to repair kitchen facilities, we recommend to change the water pipes. Then change the electrical wiring. Install it from this type of wire to all electrical appliances (electric stove, dishwasher, washing machine and other household appliances, kitchen lighting, ventilation, etc.) to work properly, and the total power of all the equipment does not exceed the permitted capacity of the wire. Plan, where it would be located, and with this in mind, decide where and how many outlets into it.

Then, determine the design of the room. In today's world there are so many options. Create your own, where you will be comfortable and cozy. There is a huge variety of finishing materials, furniture sets, electrical equipment, etc.


So, you have decided where and what will be located. Now think over what surfacing materials will update the ceiling, walls and floor.

Now you can make a cost estimate and a plan of priority works

  1. proceed to dismantle the old walls, floors. Remove the cover from the walls and ceiling. After the dirty and dusty work place for the installation of new windows. To protect the new windows and window sills, where the product and other works, cover the plastic wrap, and place on the windowsill thick cardboard).
  2. proceed to replace the wiring and piping. Think about where you'll be spending it (in a wall or on the floor). Electric cable must be installed in a metal pipe or metal pipe. This will ensure the reliability and safety of electrical wiring, protection from accidental hits drill or other tools for subsequent work. Such an option would allow electric cable wiring in the future to replace the obsolete very quickly to the new cable. No need to open the wall or the floor, simply insert a new wire instead of the old one. Then route the TV and telephone cables, as removing them from the wiring to avoid occurrence of possible interference.
  3. If you plan to replace the heating, can begin this work. And change the water pipes.
  4. The next step will be painting and tiling work (alignment of the ceiling and walls). Follow the technology, that is, each layer of putty or plaster should be allowed to dry completely, and only then proceed to the following decorating. The ceiling and walls must be smooth. This will allow anyone finishing materials (wallpaper, paint, tiles) to lie on the surface with no annoying distortions that keep drawing finishing materials.
  5. next stage of repair - laying floor screed and installing new doors. Decide option floor screed. Dry version - leveling the floor with a bulk technology. Crude - leveling the floor with grout. If you want to install floor heating, mount it in the floor screed. After leveling the floor enjoy a installing a new door frame and door. Before installing the subsequent note thickness of flooring (wood planks, tiles, laminate flooring, self leveling flooring, linoleum, etc.).
  6. Getting flooring and wall-papering the walls. Floor tiles can be laid out, putting it in a special solution. You can use a self-leveling floor (filled ready a special solution of the chosen color). For another version of flooring screed is recommended to cover the floor with mastic asphalt. Then laid plywood sheets, fasten them with screws to 30-50 locations and tight fastening clamps (help prevent swelling and creaking plywood floor). Plywood sheets perform heat-saving and soundproof function. There are other options for insulating the floor (substrate cork or synthetic). On completion of these works can start pasting or painting the walls. Complete the installation of the final top layer of flooring.
  7. Major work completed. Start installation of moldings, plugs, switches, door frames, skirting and other decorative items. Arrange fabric curtains or blinds to the window. Arrange the furniture, plug appliances.

The results of these repairs will make you happy, will fill a sense of satisfaction with the work done and the novelty of the surroundings. Will amaze your friends and family. Encourage them to carry out repair work in their kitchens, and you will already be able to act as a consultant.

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