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Kitchen Renovation v2

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The kitchen has a special burden in any home. Daily cooking, humidity, various sources of odors and more characterizes the room and its importance and function. Therefore, the kitchen renovation to be carefully considered, bearing in mind not only the aesthetics, but also the practicality of the subject.

Room design. Kitchen space has individual characteristics and the number of square meters. Regardless of this fact, it is necessary to foresee the number of steps, the results of which you want to see at the end of repairs.

Camostoyatelny repair kuhni

Should be addressed on the need of redevelopment in the area, installing insulated doors or arched structure, the replacement of windows and window sills, and other problems. You must have a clear understanding of the future interior and colors that are going to implement. In addition, we recommend immediately provide availability of kitchen furniture, refrigerators, hoods, cookers, microwave ovens and other household appliances. The best option would be drawing up drawing kitchen design.

Preparing for the repair. In the production of any repair work should vacate the premises of the old furniture and appliances, as well as remove the boxes, doors, flooring, and all that is not included in the plans for the new repair. At this stage, we advise to resolve issues with plumbing, installing reliable heating pipes and radiators. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary problems in the future. Also take care of a safe and secure wiring.

Plastering, painting, floor screed. This stage is an important and time-consuming stage of repair of any room. It should be taken in good faith to level the walls and ceilings, not feeling sorry for the process capabilities. That will depend on the durability and quality of repair. The walls must be aligned according to the rules after placing special beacons. If the floor needs filling, use a waterproof, and will serve as beacons profile for drywall. Except mixtures, use clay, so that the latter does not pop up as well, for extra strength surface mesh used for reinforcement.

Select ceiling

Modern materials and technology provide a wide selection for repair. May choose the most classic and affordable option, taking care to align the ceiling putty mixtures, then apply a special dye. One of the most practical option is currently suspended ceiling. First, the ceiling is simple and easy to install. Not require any pre-and post-processing. Second, it is durable and practical. And as well keeps the water in emergency situations.

Decorating the walls. What is to decorate the walls? Depending on the planned interior, the choice can be stopped by painting or wallpaper paste over the wall for painting. Advise in advance to save the remnants of the applied paint. In case of stains or other defects on the surface is always possible to apply the material. Also, in terms of practicality, no harm will be a choice of washable vinyl wallpaper. Their present range will give the opportunity to decorate any room.

Area above the sink and stove must be tiled. Tiles on the "apron" do not need too much, but this solution has a very practical nature.

Select flooring

In the final stage we recommend to do the floor. The simplest and most affordable way is linoleum. He is not afraid of mechanical influences, all kinds of dirt and water treatments. You can also stay on the laminate. Both materials can be laid directly on the screed. Before you lay a linoleum for additional insulation can be used fiberboard sheets, and before laying laminate use a special substrate.

Additionally, enjoys high popularity among reupload the kitchen floor tiles. Properly advised to approach her choice, all the nuances of the consultation with the seller. Do not get too smooth and slippery tiles. The process of movement in kitchens should be comfortable and safe. If your family has young children, and floors tiled, some are cool, rational meaning is pre-install floor heating. Performance of these works are best left to a specialist who has experience and knowledge in this field.

complete the repair

After graduating from the time-consuming process, with positive emotions you can set the furniture, hang curtains, buy home appliances. Now you have some repair experience, and I hope that my tips were positive and helped in the event.

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