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Kitchen Suspended Ceiling

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Have long been known for hanging or suspended ceilings. But not only do they give the room a beautiful appearance, but also a means to hide the communications. But you yourself can set ceilings. To speed up and simplify the work, divide it into several steps. They will be simple enough to execute.

Kitchen Suspended Ceiling

Cooking room

To get started, you need to prepare the area in which you have decided to place the suspended ceiling. Easier to do once the ceiling throughout the apartment or house. Typically, ceiling mounting is carried out applying a heat gun, the temperature in the room. But in this case, you should take care of the security things in place.

Before starting work, you should check whether all the doors and windows in your home. It is important to prevent drafts. In addition, remember the wallpaper. If you stick them recently, wallpaper can simply move away from the walls.

Heat gun is used only in case of installation of suspended ceilings with sutures. If you set the seamless ceilings, you need to clear the room of furniture. It is important to thoroughly clean the surface of the ceiling. Remove all unnecessary items, such as a plasterer showered or wallpaper. If your roof is old paint, better get rid of it with a special wash. But not zealous in this process too. Surface in any case closes stretch ceiling.

profile for stretch ceiling

Profile, made for false ceilings, called baguette. It can be made of metal or plastic. It is attached to the right level. Baguette - mounting system, on which he would hold the entire ceiling.

First you need to partition the room. Determine the required ceiling height and make sure that the height was the same at all points of the room. If the ceiling is uneven, it can lead to adverse outcomes. And remember that the distance from the ceiling to the present tension in its width should not be smaller than the baguette. Usually the master leaves 5-15 cm

Once the layout is ready, it's time to do the profile. Drill a hole in it, which will include screws or dowels. Choose molding material according to the quality and type of walls. Metal profile preferably plastic.

mount ceiling

When Baguette will be installed around the perimeter of the room, you can begin the process of mounting a ceiling. Web elements to unpack carefully. Do not worry if on the surface will be visible bulges and folds. Once installed, they will disappear.

If you decide to install a suspended ceiling with his hands, his every angle must be attached with special clips, called «crocodiles». Pinch the fabric at the corners of the room. Remember that during this process should be well warmed room. The film becomes elastic under high temperature. With this you can easily fill in the ceiling moldings. Stability stretch ceiling increase if you attach multiple locks profile alternately. With the consolidation, however, the film will stretch all the tighter. That's why you have to exert more physical effort to clamp the latter sites.

After that, you can proceed to install straight parts of the film. Start by fixing areas, where the seams. Everything else you can fill the canvas with ease. But if at the end of work you will find sections on which the canvas will fit poorly, just pull the film stronger. By doing so you will get rid of the cracks.

Precaution. Important!

However, do not forget physics. When heated, the substance expands. Therefore, before buying paintings and installation of stretch ceiling in the kitchen, please read the ratio ceiling to overheating in some places. Do not slack, do not go bad? After all, even with the ceiling above the stove hood can significantly warm.

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