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Improve Window Lifter at Getz

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

In the car Hyundai Getz with electric window provides automatic lowering and lifting the glass to the driver's door. But not all cars is implemented, it depends on the configuration. Many implemented automatic glass only move down. I'll tell you how to make a revision to the window Getz, after which the glass will not only automatically go down, but up.

First you need to loosen the screw in the pocket of the driver's door near the buttons, then pull out the insert with pockets and buttons:

windows control unit together with a pen driver's door

Now it remains to disconnect connectors of the window and side mirror adjustment, if any. Now take out the power windows buttons to the general body, which must be dismantled.

 The control unit windows with driver's door handle. Out of Doors

We have the power window buttons. Proceed. Unscrew the single screw further podkovyrnuv screwdriver latches to remove the back cover and take out the inside of the block.

unscrew the screw from the control windows
Otkryty controller steklopodemnikami

At the bottom of the board to add a jumper, which will close the unused second contact position of the button the power windows and the signal input of the controller, which carries out "avtodovod" glass. But LEDs are not native, I changed it in the past to "piranha" clean green glow instead of native trehmillimetrovyh yellow-green glow. Me directly, without any additions or changes limiting resistors. A new shine brighter than regular LEDs.

jumper on the control board
jumper on the control board

Still need to mechanically "correct" button, and it cut the limiter, which prevents the lift button located in the "second" position. To parse this button gently podkovyrnuv side mount. Do not lose the springs and other Circuits - they also come in handy. Office knife cut away the step-stress and collect button. Although you can not parse the button, it is not a serious obstacle. Now the button will be more free-wheeling. However, in this case, finger is difficult to catch the moment of opening the windows in the "old" mode. Therefore, plastic step can be replaced by another of any elastic material, but not too soft. You can take a rough rubber. Theoretically, in the case of manufacturing steps of an elastic material will be able to feel the two provisions, in practice, have not tested it, I almost never use the 'old' regime.

Podrezannaya stupenka-ogranichitel
Podrezannaya stupenka-ogranichitel

Finally, put it all in reverse and see video of the resulting outcome.

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