Main Improvement Improvement in a Car Heating Mirror for Hyundai Getz by own Hands

Heating Mirror for Hyundai Getz by own Hands

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Themselves mirror elements: heating and normal:

Heated mirror element near the unheated

As a conductor took conventional industrial wire that the stores called SHVVP 2h0.5 stranded. Since there is no tool for crimping of terminals, crimp as I turned, quality soldered and shrink-tube. Get this:

Klemmy on the wire in shrink trubke

Other end missed with the other three wires (power electric mirror adjustment) and it clocked up a little for greater flexibility:

twisted wire to connect the heated mirror element

This case connect our new electric heating element mirror, pre-lubricated contacts graphite lubricant, since the whole thing will be on the street without protection will last a short time.

Connected heated mirror element

Now you have to install the mirror in place. Was applied and gently, gradually increasing force, we press on the mirror in the center until it pristegnetsya the latches. We get this beauty:

The mirror assembly

Proceed with the installation of heated mirrors. Need to have a new wire into the connector so that the heated mirrors fed from the standard wiring. Wire to the sum does not cause difficulties, but there are only three connector pins that are used to control the mirror. With a little thought, we decided to buy a copper solid wire of 1.5 mm ² and out of the carve contacts. Did. From the width of copper wire went perfectly, and thickness-not quite, but minor changes a file give the new pins just perfect shape, the time taken Sia refinement 5-7 minutes. Then I learned the way to fix the existing pins with pliers and attach some form of future contact. So they look like:

Blanks contacts

We got up in the slot almost like family, sat securely. Soldered to the wires and put them in shrink tube. In the background, three full contact on the front-two of mine:

New contacts in the socket

Now all the build, install and test the machine.

Was going to wait until the mirror is dry. 10 minutes, I think that is enough, but after waiting for about 3 minutes, my patience is over. The snow quickly melted and the water has evaporated-the result obtained. Almost dry mirror:

mirror heated and almost dried up

Mirror heating works! Now review the snow/rain will be good!

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