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Shorten Watch Band

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Bracelets with links are standard size and they are great. In such cases, you need to remove unnecessary links. This is no big deal.

You need something thin and strong connection to squeeze wedges, removing the buckle and the right amount of links.

Vydavlivanie klina

Wedges are squeezed to one side. If you look at the bracelet on both sides, then one can see the wedge with a cut in the middle, like a screw under the flat-head screwdriver and the other recess.

Vydavlivanie klina

So it is necessary to deepen and pressed to squeeze a wedge. After a bit of applied pressure and shear wedge from the place it can be removed by hand. If you look at the shape of a wedge, it's clear why - it is fixed brace.

Klin chasov

Remove unnecessary links, then connected the clasp, insert a wedge and pushes it inside. Deeply he does not have to climb up, but only to the level of the lateral surface of the bracelet.

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