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Repair of a car

Ремонт в автомобиле

This section is refers to the complex repair of any parts of the car, and namely: engine, electrics and wheels. Also for the other details, like these: starter, generator, or fuel injector.

Here I will tell about useful information the car-repair. I have the successful experience in the studding of the car, from the parsing engine to replace the fuse. And I would like to share knowledge with you.

I tell you about the more popular faults, and it seems to me that this information will be interested for many car owner, how has decided to repair his car.

Every сar owner is faced with problems in his car and there is a question: «What it does? Does make the repair himself or invite the master for repair?» And, perhaps, that the breakage is low and you will be able to repair it for the short term, but perhaps you are doubt, and you do not know what to do. Also the master convinces that you won’t be able to understand without expert. For these like situations I recommend you to try to sort it out yourself.

My mission is to help you and to make the complicated problems is understandable and simple. Also I would like to give you the all necessary information for understanding and you will be able to look into problem and to make the repair. My articles will be accompanied with photos and diagrams for the clarity. Often a small problem may be corrected simply and quickly, the main is to understand what happened and to do the all of necessary.

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Articles of this section:

Brake pad Replacement

Let us change the front disc brake pads on the car Hyundai Getz. To begin with take off the wheel, I hope this problem will not arise. Now we have access to the brake mechanism. Since the new pads are much thicker erased space they will not be enough if you do not push the brake piston inside. He does not move very easily, even hard. Therefore, to remove the caliper it will be more convenient to shoot, leaning into something caliper or brake disc. And it was... read more

Camshaft Replace of CRDI Engine

In the engine many different items, all worn out and sometimes you have to change them. In this article I will discuss how to remove and replace the camshaft and how to reach it in a diesel engine 1.5 CRDI. First you need to remove the engine fuel injectors, how to do it, I wrote in a previous article Removing Common Rail Injector. We have no engine nozzles. Will remove anything that might interfere with the removal of the valve cover. Unscrew the bolts fastening the... read more

Car Tire Repair

If you face problems with tires such as a sidewall cut or «rupture» or any other defect, you don’t have to rush saving money for a new set of tires, as it may appear that your current tires can still be repaired. One of the services offered by many car service centers these days is tire repair. If you noticed an unusual tread wear or some visible damage, it’s worth going to a service center for the tire diagnostics right away. This will help to make the necessary repair at an early... read more

Cleaning DENSO Common Rail Injectors

Any fuel system may eventually become contaminated. In this paper, we consider the diesel injector cleaning Common Rail Denso. In a previous article about diesel engines considered cleaning nozzles Common Rail Bosch for example, CDRI engine and a general description of the operating principle of hydro-electric injectors Common Rail. As a sample for cleaning Denso injector I have 1465A041 from Mitsubishi L200 DID 2.5 with engine 4D56. Its equivalent from Denso: 095000-5600. Just... read more

Common Rail Bosch Injectors Cleaning

There is a problem with the modern diesel engines (and with the other engines) that feed units which inject fuel to combustion chamber are become dirty with the time. This can influence negatively on the engine running and on its start. In this article there will be description of how to deal with injectors Common Rail Bosch (as well you can read article about Common Rail DENSO injectors cleaning). In my case the engine running has not changed significantly but the engine’s start has become... read more

Common Rail Denso Injector Checking

Nozzle is cleaned and assembled (this process is described in the article cleaning nozzles Common Rail DENSO), it remains to show how successfully. Special booth I do not have the machine from which it was removed, either. There is only Japanese and Korean DENSO injector engine CRDI. Is there any way to connect this to the existing engine nozzle? The thickness of thread input fuel channel is the same, the same pitch, so you can connect hydraulically (Photos below... read more

Common Rail Injector Removing

Engine Common Rail Injectors sometimes need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. To do this, they need to be removed from the engine. As I did this I'll discuss in this article. Before you begin. It is important. Some injectors have the correction codes on the amount of fuel injected. Therefore, before removing it is desirable to find out whether they have your injectors. If you have, or are unable to obtain such information, it is best to remember what was where the... read more

Common Rail Injector Working

Hooking up to the diesel injector DENSO engine CRDI. Includes hydraulic injector DENSO. Turning off all injectors with electrical connectors and twist the starter. C « The return " nothing flows . Of course , the test is not perfect and it does not mean that the nozzle is fully intact, but we can say unequivocally that the nozzle is not " killed ". Connect the electrical connectors for all nozzles . The engine is started on the two... read more

Cylinder Head Installation to CRDI Engine

Install the cylinder head-the final stage of repair of the engine. Install the turbine, fasten the exhaust manifold Before installation, remove the head of the remaining oil and other fluids that may be in the place of installation mounting screws. You can rag on a thin screwdriver, you can come up with the recovery unit ... The main thing-to drain so that when tightening the screws all the liquid from reaching the surface of contact of the cylinder head of the... read more

Cylinder Head Replacement of CRDI Engine

Before starting the work will not interfere remove Common Rail injectors, remove all unnecessary with the cylinder head (described Article replacement camshaft of CRDI engine), you can remove lifters, to avoid falling out, but it's not necessary. We turn to the case. First you need to drain the coolant. For that the plug at the bottom of the radiator, substitute the liquid container (in my case, six-liter canister is enough), and only then take off the top cover of the... read more

EGR Valve Cleaning of CRDI engine

A bit of theory. Why do I need it? Valve EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or EGR valve helps the vehicle to become environmentally cleaner (to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides NO and NO 2 , which are formed at high temperatures). Rather than the car, and its exhaust. This product is on a path connecting the exhaust and intake system. His task is to regulate the flow of exhaust gas into the intake manifold. Part of the exhaust gas enters the cylinder along with... read more

How to Change car Wheel for Girl

Dear lady if you suddenly feel that your car is moving from side to side, you should pull over to the curb and stop. Get out of the car and inspect all wheels. Most likely, you will see that one wheel is blown away and you need to replace it. Should not be upset, because every car by default have a spare wheel. And a few options to replace it exist. The First Option Still you are a girl. And every man, if he is a real man, is not being able to refuse a courtesy, as a replacement... read more

Injector Cleaning (With Removing, on the Rail)

For a start we remove the nozzle from the car with the fuel rail into which they are inserted. By the way there is a description of the same cleaning nozzles slightly different method: cleaning nozzles. It is necessary to prepare the fuel rail to create pressure in it, that is to plug the channel return line. I was helped by a metal barrel of furniture-shelf support. Stop up the "return flow" and just in case zamatyvat wire or clamp. Now you can... read more

Injector Cleaning

The idea came to clean the nozzles for a simple reason: a machine weighing about a ton consumed nearly 10 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers as the city and on the highway. While the engine is running smoothly, without stalling, regularly pulling in any frost was got well and everything seems to be well in it. Based on the mileage of about 150,000 kilometers and the assumption that the nozzle was never cleaned (some knowledge of the past owner) decided to pull out and clean the... read more

Oxygen Sensor Clean

Began to deal with the fact that the indicator began to burn «check», then goes off, then back on fire, and the fuel guzzled a lot of machine. Reading the Internet found that this behavior is very similar to the indicator or a sdohshy oxygen sensor, or on its pollution, or both. Since it is not clear what exactly happened to the sensor, then you should try to clean it, and suddenly he's alive? Then do not buy new, and everything will be fine! Removing lambda... read more

Remove Intake Manifold

For removing the intake manifold will drain the coolant (may partly so that its level was below the collector). Described in more detail in the article removing the cylinder head from the engine CRDI. First you need to remove the top plastic cover. Then unscrew the fuel pipes from the fuel line and disconnect the two connectors. Described in more detail in the article... read more

Removing Exhaust Manifold of CRDI Engine

To remove the exhaust manifold need to seriously dismantle the motor to remove the cylinder head, and already then separate the manifold from the cylinder head. In this article, I will describe only the last part, since the rest is written in other articles. The first step is to remove the nozzle, then the valve cover, camshaft, preferably lifters, not to have fallen out. And after all of the above remove the cylinder head. We have a cylinder head with the exhaust... read more

Repair car Audio (Fell off USB Connector)

The man touched his shoulder and carried the USB connector from the board. Connector is not damaged, the board is almost too. With plug came off the track metallization. Open the recorder and take a look inside. Here's seat and the connector itself. He just kept on rations. Fixing method is good, but everything has a limit of strength. Prepare a place for soldering and bonding connector. The connector itself is also smoothed out, c extreme pads tin... read more

Repair car Audio (Volume Control)

Volume knob has ceased to turn down the volume. That is, regardless of the direction of rotation of the volume only increased. Disorder ... Let's open the radio and see what's inside. To do this, unscrew the fixing screws and podkovyrnut back cover. Remove and front cover. To get to the volume control does not prevent us to remove the handle. Usually it is easily removed, but had some trouble here. Someone put it on the sealant. Knob folding, rests on... read more

Repair of Auto Engine Starter

Too many hosts «iron horses» confident that trust repair his car best professionals from the service. Indeed, if there was a break retractor relay coil winding insulation or damaged due to high load, there will not be enough on its own. But it happens that a car enthusiast himself quite capable of finding cause of failure and fix it. One of the situations where the auto repair is not difficult to conduct without the master, is falling into disrepair starter. Needless shortness of... read more

Replace Glow Plugs of CRDI Engine

Glow plugs in diesel cars help cold engines heat the air and fuel mix up to ignition temperatures. This becomes more important during winter due to the freezing cold temperatures. An engine in good condition will ignite without any help from the glow plug when the temperature outside is around -5 °C or higher — I've checked this myself. But when it drops to -8° C or below, things change: the engine gets much harder to ignite, and draining the battery sooner becomes more... read more

Replace Hydraulic Lifters of CRDI Engine

A hydraulic compensator is a hidromechanic device that changes its length and compensates for the thermic gap between the valve and the camshaft. It has two parts: an external cylinder and an internal mobile part propelled by spring. At the entrance of this device there's a valve which consist of a ball pressed by spring. How does the compensator change its length? It's actually a pretty simple process: there's a spring inside the device that gets stretched to its maximum length... read more

Replacing Engine Cushion Mini One

To remove the upper engine mount to unscrew the metal piece, on which rests the engine. But first remove the fuel hose and the plastic holder. Remove the screw that part is fixed to the engine and a Cushion. Remove it. Now Remove the three screws that secure the cushion to the housing and replace the Cushion. To fasten in place that detail that connects the engine to the Cushion and collect other details that we spun and... read more

Spark Plug Cleaning

It began with the fact that from the first machine factory and a second-half second glohla, and already the second attempt was got right. I think the thing in candles, as recently cleaned the injectors and spark if changed, the previous owner, and no one knows when. Usually spark change and all, but I decided to restore it. Been reading the literature vary, basic recovery method - baking. At first it was not clear why, and what it gives, because the candle and so works in the not very... read more

The third brake light is not fully

Many of the cars in time the central brake light stops working partially. Part-"not work" can occur only in the "feet" that contain more than one light-emitting element, such as lamps or 4-6 small number of LEDs. This can be corrected. In this paper, we consider an LED headlamp. To start the headlight does not hurt to remove. Let us examine these things device. Inside there is a board on which a series of 12 LEDs soldered. Some of them do not shine, shine some, but... read more

Throttle Body Cleaning

The throttle regulates the flow of air into the engine cylinders. They are mechanical (control cable from the gas pedal) and electric (controlled by an onboard computer with an electric motor). With a strong pollution flap motor can not get the amount of air, which counts on-board computer is programmed to clean the damper characteristics of the crossing. turn to practice for removing and cleaning the throttle body As a guinea consider a car Mini One 1.6i... read more

Throttle Cleaning of CRDI Engine

The throttle regulates the flow of air into the engine. Over time it becomes dirty and poorly can perform its functions. Because it is contaminated crankcase oil with particles passing through it, and also because the exhaust gases. The output of exhaust gases from the EGR valve is located in the intake manifold just behind the throttle. Symptoms, which can determine the need for cleaning throttle ... I do not know, I can only suggest a partial loss of power at high revs... read more

Timing Belt Replacing of CRDI Engine

Timing-it's gas distribution mechanism, timing belt-one of the most important parts of it, and it can not work without the motor (unless, of course, the engine design involves the use of timing belt). Gas distribution mechanism-a system for those items that provide input at the right time of gases in the cylinder, closing all valves for converting combustion energy into mechanical and gas output-products of combustion. The engine CRDI D3EA timing camshaft and... read more

DIY Tire Compressor Repair

Overload bit burnt compressor motor in the car. Without load it could pump air, but to pump up the wheel could not just stop. Not strong enough motor. It was therefore decided to replace the burned-out motor. Immediately, I note that it is not very cost-justified, the motor is not much cheaper than a new pump, so that the article is for those who like to dig deeper in the art. The motor was ordered on Aliexpress. proceed to repair the compressor Unscrew the four... read more

Tubeless Tire Repair

The main plus chamber wheels - it is an opportunity to repair the road. Among motorists are of the opinion that tubeless tires repaired without the involvement of professionals possible. It is not. In fact tubeless tire repair you can even in the field. Just need to carry in the trunk of a special patch and harness. In the automobile sellers of these materials claim that the repairs on their own, sometimes much better, than shinomontazhkah. Since experts to repair using cheap materials... read more

Turbocharger Cleaning of CRDI Engine

It was decided to disassemble and clean the turbine to see the inside. Suddenly, what should be replaced. How to remove it in stages described in other articles: you remove the nozzle, then the rocker cover, camshaft, it is desirable to lifters, not spilled. And after all of the above remove the cylinder head the exhaust manifold. You may need to remove the exhaust manifold. If rough, then the turbine consists of three parts: a core, "snail" exhaust gas "snail"... read more

Turbocharger Removal of CRDI Engine

For the turbine to half disassemble the engine: remove the nozzle, valve cover, cam and lifters (the latter is not required). And after all of the above to remove the cylinder head together with the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. For the convenience of not interfere unscrew the exhaust manifold from the cylinder head. Next Remove the 4 screws that hold adjacent to the turbine exhaust pipe and remove it. Unscrew the three without problems, and one had to mess around... read more

Valve Honing

We have a cylinder head with new guides, deployed under the new valve and the valve itself, is also new. The contact surfaces are smooth, beautiful, but we need to make them perfectly tight. start lap To inflict lapping the valve a little lapping compound and insert the valve into place. Be careful not to spill lapping compound on the contact surface of the valve and the guide sleeve. If this happens-do not worry, dry the surface and continue. For the first stage... read more

Valves Replacement

To carry out the replacement of valves must to remove the cylinder head, and it is necessary to remove it remove the injectors, remove the valve cover, camshaft and, preferably, remove hydraulic lifters. We have a cylinder head with the exhaust manifold. The collector can be unscrewed so as not to interfere, but it is possible and so remove the valve. Valves are held in such an engine at the usual way, as in most engines, and perhaps in all. The... read more

Windshield Repair

Used in the automotive industry today are two standard auto glass: hardened and three-layer (triplex). In case of accident triplex able to contain fragments of themselves, they do not scatter. Tempered glass is thermally treated, and when they are destroyed, then crumble to pieces instantly. Fasteners for auto-body of the car is made with the introduction of gluing or rubber seal. The first option is used on modern machines, because apart from a secure fit of the glass, this format... read more