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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Important role in the life of playing the things that surround us. The life of modern man is unimaginable without equipment, including household. This greatly simplifies our daily lives and help us save a lot of time to spend on yourself or your loved ones. So when something in the house breaks down it is always frustrating and can ruin our plans.

If you have a broken iron, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, TV, or a washing machine, it makes sense to try to fix the problem themselves. It happens that the workshops are not always taken for a particular technique or by the manufacturer. Do not get upset and throw a broken thing, try to fix it together.

Here I will examine different options for damage and try to colorfully and clearly tell you all about how to spice up your technique.

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Articles of this section:

Broken Remote (LED fell off)

Remote stopped working on the car stereo . Let us examine it and see what's inside. LED fell off from the board with copper conductors . Soldered to the old place has not come out . Pull out the internal card for convenience . Strip the remaining parts of the copper tracks, which went to the LED, and zaludit them . LED also need to prepare . The first step is to take off the excess tin conclusions using a soldering iron . Then it bend the "feet"... read more

Charger Repair

Perhaps the most common failure chargers-bend the wire. Here is an example of this will work: There are two of the most troubled places: near the main unit and to the socket. If the wire is bent and no way to definitively determine the location of inflection, then try to examine it carefully. If that fails, then we assume that the problem is in the bend near the base (but do not forget that the wire may be intact, and the electronics inside could... read more

Computer Keyboard Repair

For various reasons, conductive paths keyboard lose their ability to conduct electricity. Damaged areas can be repaired. Let us keyboard. We are looking for damaged areas and find the keyboard. Use a tester see that it is really damaged parts. Damaged in the photo look discolored. In this case, all six tracks is damaged. Will restore the conductive adhesive. If it is dry, his "revive" a few drops of solvent and agitation... read more

Computer Repair

Before you begin troubleshooting your computer when not in use, check for voltage at the mains, repair extension, UPS, if any, outlets and supply cords. Be sure to check the circuit breaker, which is usually located at the top rear of the cabinet, as during cleaning or wiping the dust you could disable it by accident. After a visual inspection of the surface of the computer and check all the contacts connecting wires can go to the internal inspection system unit. To do... read more

Disheveled wire at the base of the iron

Soviet iron is not new, even very, our mothers and grandmothers used such, that's braid at the base and shabby. Unscrew the screw back cover, remove the cover. Remember where they had been bolted onto the wire, unscrew them, we clean to a shine, for a device of this age copper wires are usually black. Then push through the wire in its place through a special elastic band, you can tie a knot, if it fits, but you can like the picture below, the wires connect, fasten them... read more

Dryer Repair

Dryer making noise and was terribly weak blow. Open it and look at what it was. Fan filmed. One can see the motor mount and its axis. In general, hair dryer disassembled, inspected, nothing looks broken or defective is not found. He pulled out a spiral, even the motor disassembled. Replaced the electrolytic capacitor. It turned out that the fan was slipping off the motor shaft and rub on the rear housing. In the central hole axis of the fan... read more

Extension Cord Repair

Extension cord stopped working. Turn it to the network, the LED lights, and electrical appliances, stuck to it do not work. Break it down and find the cause. To do this, unscrew the fixing screws and separate the case into two parts. We immediately see that in one fell off the wire. Strip the attaching wires to solder and solder was qualitative. You can collect and verify. Now the extension... read more

Inflatable Products Repair

Now on sale a lot of rubber products, we often use: cushion for cars, mattresses, children's pools, etc. All of inflatable products, unfortunately, often suffer from external influence (torn, pierced). In this short article, I'll describe how you can repair the air bag. It appeared cut. This is hardly a technique, but let it be and this article. Cushion upholstered in fabric and to preserve a beautiful view of the product attach a patch from the inside. First you... read more

LCD Screen Replacement of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I ordered a Chinese robot vacuum cleaner Lilin LL-A320. Has received, opened, turned on-everything works, drives the dust collects, remote controlled, but only in the corner of the screen has a couple of cracks and bad shows. Reported seller about this shortage. They asked the serial number and sent me a new screen. When the parcel arrived, it turned out that they sent the entire motherboard, because the screen is soldered to it. Fee has successfully replaced and I want... read more

LCD TV Repair

Examine repair the LCD TV Samsung. He ceased to be included. Open the body, we find the power supply. It swollen electrolytic capacitors. Most likely due to the drying and care settings capacitors characteristics have also changed the power supply, therefore, the voltage applied to the input circuit television that is not something that should be. This can be verified by measuring its voltmetrom. Typically, this is 3.3V, 5V, 14V and 12 for different models... read more

Massager Repair

The appearance of the massager: The nozzle was much hang out and knock. Let us massager and look inside. Maybe something went wrong. Unscrew the small pile shurupchikov and remove the vibrating tip. It turns out, torn gum, which was attached to the nozzle. We need to do something like that. Suitable rubber from car camera. Cut out a rectangle of the desired size. Drill holes in the rubber mounting holes... read more

PC Speakers Repair

Virtually all electronic appliances has inside voltage converters. Typically, this transformer. In the columns, which I repaired, this is the spoiled "converter". He is not burned out, as is often the case, and the fall broke holders and lost leads. But in the article, it goes on the reasons for failure, but about what this transformer can be replaced to fix the broken speakers or anything else with a similar malfunction. Columns needed for the AC voltage of the order of... read more

Plug Made of Charger

We pridivannogo lamp broke plug for socket. Generally, it can happen with any household appliance. New plugs at hand was not, and I want to repair the unit and sit by the light - it is necessary to think of something. An urgent need to find a plug socket or something to replace it. Without hesitation, I turned my gaze to the unnecessary charger from some old mobile phones. Case plastic, one-piece, but still made of two halves welded together, it should open with a screwdriver, knife or... read more

Prestigio P-175 Repair

Start a business with the purchase of a faulty monitor in order to fix it, and then happily use it, because I monitor many different mend: Samsung, LG, BENQ, and possibly some more. Well I can not do it with a Russian? Yes easily! That's what I thought at the time. Forget about repairing monitors! In this case, repair the Russian monitor, after overseas was like to sit at the helm of the aircraft, only being able to drive a car. Fault Monitor Monitor not included. According to... read more

Refrigerator Relay Repair

The refrigerator for several years, worked fine, complaints he was not, but was sometimes heard from him quiet crackling of the motor area. Crackled refrigerator, but stopped, and then went to work. Probably half of the year popped before suddenly stopped working. The light was burning inside, and the cold was gone. Open the engine compartment refrigerator and find the cause of failure Outwardly, everything is fine, all the pins are not rusted, not dark, though a... read more

Remote Repair

With time on consoles, some buttons do not work. Especially when used in a kitchen or other "dirty" areas. With this remote stopped working some of the buttons, for example «MENU». Open the console, it needs podkovyrnut latch. There are panels that hold more than latches and screws. Remove the keyboard, here seen a lot of dirt between the keys on both the front and in the field of sensors under the buttons. Due to the quality of the last dirt of the... read more

Repair Iron Steamer

I'll show you an example of iron Bosch. Over time, the operation of the ironing equipment stops working stripping button. Push her, she is forced (with notable resistance), and the steam from the soleplate is not. Well, let's find out the cause and fix it. Analysis iron Unscrew the screw back: Remove the back socket: Remove the two buttons at the top (they are no fixed just pulled together, anything can be neatly podkovyrnut), unscrew the screw that is... read more

Torn Wire Insulation Near the Base

Do dryer torn wire insulation near the base. In such a place mechanical stress during use has accounted for two of the remaining wiring, causing accelerated wear them, and probably, in this place, and they will break. The wires are not completely torn and will not bare the need to secure them. Let's start with the dismantling of the hair dryer. Unscrew the two screws in the handle and a hair dryer opens. We see a wire attached to the bend. If the insulation of... read more

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

When we do a spring cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner hose as a "leash" for which it occurs and to drag the hose is cut off near the base. Do not worry! Try to understand and fix. the technology of mounting The hose itself in a spiral manner and it is simply screwed into the base and placed on the adhesive. So cut the damaged piece of hose, pick out the remains of the base, all is well cleaned from dust and degrease. Align the end of the hose, cutting... read more

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

When we do a spring cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner hose as a "leash" for which it occurs and to drag the hose is cut off near the base. Do not worry! Try to understand and fix. the technology of mounting The hose itself in a spiral manner and it is simply screwed into the base and placed on the adhesive. So cut the damaged piece of hose, pick out the remains of the base, all is well cleaned from dust and degrease. Align the end of the hose..... read more