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Screen Goes Blank on Portable TV

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Nizhnyaya cover snyata

The one train that goes to the screen via a rotary mechanism.

Shleyf ekrana

Unscrew the fixing rotary mechanism. Let us examine the installation site loop (two large screws loosened).

Krepezh otkruchen

Disconnect the connectors and gently'll get a train. He silenced with adhesive tape rag. Carefully peel off the trail and explore. In this case, there are four visible damage on the fifth only broken insulation.

Shleyf, damaged uchastok

Attempts to find and order a replacement have not been successful, so we decided to solder available.

The postings were copper, so when soldering problems have arisen. As with conventional wires: Strip, to tin, put the heat shrink tubing, soldered and laid siege to the phone. But not be too careful, yet they are very thin-strips of copper foil.

Provoda zachischeny
tinned wires and soldered wiring short-extension
Odety shrink trubki
Provoda zaizolirovany

After soldering all the wires questionable check all 30 tester.

In this loop after soldering four wires had one more junk.

You must have noticed that in the photos above four pairs of stripped and sealed for five.

All our rations carefully add up, bandaging tape, which was originally pack back into place. If possible, the site of the first inflection plume do still, let bend the other part, and then soon to bend the rest of the wiring.

Connect the ribbon cable to the connectors.

loop connection to the connector on the motherboard
loop connection to the connector on the motherboard

Putting the device, turn and look as shown.

Everything is fine, the color rendering recovered.


Another problem of this device-sdohshie batteries, it can only work on the network, although the source of autonomous power was. And there is, but worthless.

This battery assembly of three consecutive lithium cell balancing with two conclusions. Without any controllers. Available there are Chinese "banks" size 18650 3000 mAh. In fact it is somewhere 2000-2500 mAh. Better than no capacity in the old dead. Try on for size. Tugovato but intermeddle. One inside mount for a little of the old battery had to be removed.

Solder the Power Cell under the scheme prior to the connector and fluster, once again check the tester should be laid in the battery compartment and connect. Check. Working. You can close the lid and fasten them.

Novye akkumulyatory

According to test results in TV mode while work was about 55 minutes. It's better than nothing.

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