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Plan of Apartment Renovation

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Remember the words of Zhvanetsky: «Renovation is state of mind. It can not be complete, it can only be suspended.» Perhaps all people without exception, think about the repair, all kinds of scary scary stories and tips on what material is best to use, it has survived. So is it worth to listen and learn from the mistakes of others? Maybe this will help, but he still does not get through, do not know all the nuances that await you on the way to creating a cozy and comfortable home. But then it is safe to give advice to yourself, show off straight from the tin and repair sigh of relief that you have already completed this story.

Is it possible to make repairs so as to avoid the fuss, do not stumble at every turn, spending their nerve cells, and not to increase the projected costs? Of course, it's possible! But only if you perceive as the repair work, which is spent on their strength and are moving towards a certain goal, and not as some terrible and destructive monster all around. So, where do you start moving towards the goal?

Planiruem renovated apartment pravilno

First you need to decide what you are going to do repair: beauty or capital? And what purpose do you practice? Will it be the capital redevelopment of apartments with a change of plumbing, wiring and windows. Or will it be just a light cosmetic repairs in order to refresh the house with wallpaper changer, Update ceilings and outlets.

Accordingly, the complexity and duration of work is quite different, and for the latter option does not require a choice of the season. But if you decide to make a major overhaul, there is need to take into account the time of year, and the correct sequence of the actions, so as not to spoil what has already been done.

Recommendations of the correct sequence of some elements of repair:
  1. When replacing windows need to focus not only on design, but also at a comfortable future use (blind window openings should be made only on the windows onto the balcony of the apartment);
  2. If you change
  3. tiles in the toilet and the bathroom, you will first need to think about the quality of pipes, because if they are then replaced, the damage to the brand new tile will be avoided;
  4. Cleaning the air ducts and wiring, as well as the installation of air handling units are to be made in the first place, as this process can be messy and destructive;
  5. Wiring should be done before plastering the walls and further work (here you need to take into account the possible location of electrical appliances, carrying wiring for switches and highlights, installation boxes for switches and sockets). The apartments are posting more often placed in the Grooves-special channels in the walls, which then will be plastered. The offices for this purpose, a special narrow box;
  6. Only then you can start leveling and screed floors, painting or installing suspended ceilings;
  7. At the end of the dusty work is Putty and plaster walls, if it is really necessary;
  8. When finished with a dusty and dirty work, you can start pasting of wallpaper, stained windows, windowsills, radiators;
  9. final point of repair is laying floors and baseboards.

Certainly this sequence of actions can not be considered dogma. But if you still stick to the plan, all the work will be done consistently, will not have anything to break and remake, dirt in the house will be much less. And most importantly, you will not be wasting your nerves because of stupid mistakes and ill-considered actions and complete repairs in the shortest possible time.

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