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Brake pad Replacement

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The sleeve removed, the contact surfaces heavily rusted, despite the integrity of dustproof rubber bands.

Rzhavoe place vtulki
Rzhavoe place vtulki
Rusty guide bush and dust caps
Rzhavaya guide vtulka

Sand the surface rust with sandpaper. Wipe the solvent.

Zachischennoe place napravlyayuschey
Stripped bush view from one side
Stripped sleeve, the view from the other side

Example: put a clean collar on her trimmed place.

Zachischennaya sleeve on his meste

Bush should be free to enter, even better that she could hang out a little bit out of place.

Now it is good grease, install a dust protection that is inserted into, and then plug the second case.

Bush lubricated and installed in its place

Bush easily moved into place on both sides.

Vtulka easily dvigaetsya
Vtulka easily dvigaetsya

We gather support, we twist, we check that it is free to move apart.

proceed to install Shoe

I took not the original pads Bosch, on their back had extra pins. Their meaning is not understood, just flatten them with a hammer so as not to hinder. But it would be better to cut them.

It is worth noting that earlier these pins have never met.

Pad Bosch with the pins on the back of the (already flattened)
Pad Bosch with the pins on the back of the (already flattened)

Install the pads, they are installed in the guide bracket.

In the caliper installed new brake pads
In the caliper installed new brake pads
In the caliper installed new brake pads

In these photos, pads fitted with pins still intact. After the first installation, it became clear that they are unnecessary.

Dress caliper in place, fasten it, install the wheel, ready.

Before the trip, do not forget to click several times on the brake until it ceases to fall. It is necessary that the brake pistons come to the blocks.

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