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Common Rail Injector Working

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Hooking up to the diesel injector DENSO engine CRDI.

Includes hydraulic injector DENSO.

 Turning off the power and fuel tube from the nozzle

Turning off all injectors with electrical connectors and twist the starter.

C « The return " nothing flows . Of course , the test is not perfect and it does not mean that the nozzle is fully intact, but we can say unequivocally that the nozzle is not " killed ".

Connect the electrical connectors for all nozzles .

 Supplying power to the injector DENSO
 Supplying power to the injector DENSO
 Supplying power to the injector DENSO

The engine is started on the two cylinders and can be seen as sprays fuel into the air nozzle Japanese .

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10.07.2018 at 14:31 Ro said:

Really dangerous diesel injectors are at 3000 psi. Instant death if you get diesel in you blood stream. Never fool with high pressure diesel this idiot must know what he, S doing there should be a warning on this page