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Replace Glow Plugs of CRDI Engine

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Glow plugs in diesel cars help cold engines heat the air and fuel mix up to ignition temperatures. This becomes more important during winter due to the freezing cold temperatures.

An engine in good condition will ignite without any help from the glow plug when the temperature outside is around -5 °C or higher — I've checked this myself. But when it drops to -8° C or below, things change: the engine gets much harder to ignite, and draining the battery sooner becomes more likely.

Glow plugs are perishable goods, since their lifespan is much shorter than that of an engine. I used to replace them every 25 — 30 thousand kilometers, which always happened by the beginning of the winter.

By then you could feel that the engine needed the glow plugs in good condition. Feel that when the starter began to spin, only one cylinder was igniting. Then, after a few more spins, the other cylinder would start ignite and the engine finally started.

A glow plug has an elongated shape. On one side is the heat inductor, on the other — a power outlet. The negative terminal is located on a section of the plug that is bolted to the engine in a way that places the plug's head next to the nozzle.Before removing the plug check the fuse. I have 3 glow plugs that operate at 80 amperes fuse next to the positive terminal of the battery. My fuse once blew out due to a short-circuit in one plug.

Fitting Position fuse glow plug (top)

If you have to replace the fuse, don't pull on it before you unscrew it.

This is what a new fuse looks like:

New fuse of glow plugs (80 A)


The easiest way to replace the plugs is to remove the plugs from cylinder head removed from the cylinder block. It's not complicated: just unscrew the plugs and you're done. We'll be studying a much more interesting case though — without the engine disassembling.

First, unplug the injectors and plug of the position sensor of the camshaft. Then, unscrew the cable fasteners and put them aside.

wires disconnected and removed aside

Finally, unscrew the device that separates the gases from the oil in the sump which is held by two screws.

Oil separator is disconnected

If the exhaust pipe becomes a burden, you can remove it too: it's held by four screws — two on each side. It's very easy to remove, although I usually didn't bother with it.

Disconnection of the Glow Plug's Power Supply

Unscrew the plug's power supply strip held by the 10mm nuts. The plugs are located on a side of the engine from which they can't be seen and can only be reached using yourhands or wrenches. And a camera.

Mounting of glow plugs supply bus
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09.07.2016 at 11:04 Pierre Enslin said:

The explanation of the removal of the crdi 1500 diesel glow plugs has not helped me in total as i do not want to remove the engine to replace the glow plugs. I want to replace them in situe.

11.07.2016 at 11:27 George said:


Hope I can help you with fast guide.

First you should disconnect wires from injectors and camshaft sensor and unscrew it (wires are held by 2 or 3 bolts).

Remove the oil separator. Remove ruber tube and unscrew 2 bolts and you will be able to disconnect the oil separator, but not fully. It also has a tube to oil carter.

Then you can try to unscrew nuts from glow plugs with long nut socket. It could be difficult.

Also you can try to remove exhaust gas pipe (it mount ed by for bolts). But if you will, after replacing be sure you have excellent mounted gas pipe. Once I had the gas pipe unscrewed after glow plug replaced. It occurs about 1 — 2 months after glow plugs replacement.

24.04.2018 at 20:03 Bally said:

It's easy to remove glow plug without to remove head cylinder, all you have said it's right but you forget to remove the part under windscreen wiper ( you must to remove windsreen wiper too), it's removable, after you can see glow plug even with your eyes

24.04.2018 at 23:00 George said:

Bally, I didn't think so.

Right under windscreen wiper is metal body that have almost the same size. It is on the car.

Or did you do this?