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The third brake light is not fully

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Many of the cars in time the central brake light stops working partially. Part-"not work" can occur only in the "feet" that contain more than one light-emitting element, such as lamps or 4-6 small number of LEDs. This can be corrected. In this paper, we consider an LED headlamp.

To start the headlight does not hurt to remove.

Snimaem third stop-signal
Stop-signal snyat

Let us examine these things device. Inside there is a board on which a series of 12 LEDs soldered. Some of them do not shine, shine some, but not bright. But there is a surviving "old."

Plata with svetodiodami
Plata with svetodiodami
Plata with svetodiodami
Plata with svetodiodami

Only replace the burned diodes, but it's better to change everything at once, because "the surviving old men" shine not long from now. Checked personally. I immediately knew that I needed everything, but did not have the required number of LEDs.

When resoldering the main thing - do not reverse the polarity of the diodes. It can be defined in tester mode diode or resistance measurement. When you connect the LEDs in these conditions it begins to glow. Not bright, but not difficult to notice. You can also trehvoltovoy lithium battery.

Diodes rewired, now collect. In my case, had to be fixed by glue, since the charges were sealed by plastic rods. As the adhesive came tsaponlak, at the same time protected the fresh solder.

Novye diodes plate
Novye diodes svetyat
Plata glued on tsaponlak

Just from the old rotted connector contacts. This problem was easily solved by soldering wires to the board. I often climb there is not going to, and generally do not intend to, so this could be quite acceptable. Connectors pile up too much.

Install the headlight in place, once again check whether the polarity is not reversed - whether the light when you press the brake and happy for defective third brake light!

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