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Throttle Body Cleaning

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

The throttle regulates the flow of air into the engine cylinders. They are mechanical (control cable from the gas pedal) and electric (controlled by an onboard computer with an electric motor). With a strong pollution flap motor can not get the amount of air, which counts on-board computer is programmed to clean the damper characteristics of the crossing.

turn to practice for removing and cleaning the throttle body

As a guinea consider a car Mini One 1.6i 2001.

Unscrew the top cover of the air filter (the two screws under the "star" can be seen on the right), unbutton his collar air nozzle.

Rasstegivaem clamp air patrubka

Remove the cover, unscrew the bottom of the air filter box, it is also fastened with two screws, remove it.

Korobka izvlechena

Unbutton another band (that secures the connection on the valve body) and remove the air supply hose from the throttle body.

Vozdushny connection on the throttle zaslonke
Air pipe removed from the throttle

We immediately see that it makes no sense to continue the large, dirt on it is almost there. But still finish the job.

From throttle disable electrical connector and a small air hose, unscrew it and take out.

Drosselnaya snyata

You can also clean the sensor, which is very close (it is partially visible in the photo above). This is a pressure sensor in the intake manifold (born MAPS or Manifold Air Pressure Sensor). Turning off the plug, unscrew the two screws and pull it out.

The air pressure sensor in the intake manifold

Let's go back to the throttle.

remove the throttle valve, top view
remove the throttle valve, the view from the bottom

Wipe the inside of the cloth with or without solvent, despite how everything is dirty. This time, dry cloth enough.

Ochischennaya throttle zaslonka, view snizu
Ochischennaya throttle zaslonka, view sverhu

It is too early to clean. The first time was cleaning a little over two years ago, and the machine went relatively little.

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