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Plug Made of Charger

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We pridivannogo lamp broke plug for socket. Generally, it can happen with any household appliance. New plugs at hand was not, and I want to repair the unit and sit by the light - it is necessary to think of something. An urgent need to find a plug socket or something to replace it. Without hesitation, I turned my gaze to the unnecessary charger from some old mobile phones. Case plastic, one-piece, but still made of two halves welded together, it should open with a screwdriver, knife or chisel. It's not hard, plastic along the seam pretty easy to crack. We have the uncovered "charge" that will plug into your outlet:

Open the charger.

We take out all the excess, then there is a fee to the converter and a voltage regulator, cut off from the circuit board wiring under the base, we clean, primatyvaem their wires from the lamp, and then isolate them. And "all too much" can be used as a power source, such as Repair speakers . Ties knot on the wire so it does not take off from the body of the former "charging» ( this method is only suitable for low-power devices, as the charger is not designed for high performance and wires in it are pretty thin ):

Solder the wires and isolate the device.

If you want to connect something more powerful than just a lamp, it is necessary to solder wires directly to the terminals of the appliance plugs that are stuck in the socket. Just go where the photo soldered two thin black wires. And you get a full-fledged plug to the socket!

Then, all neatly put together with a little electrical tape. Turned out well. Only later did the duct tape stretched left and turned out not so good. Remade. He put the two halves on the glue. I think you can use any normal glue, I have a "moment" enjoyed. It turned out even better and without tape.

Putting a new plug for our product.
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