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Remote Repair

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With time on consoles, some buttons do not work. Especially when used in a kitchen or other "dirty" areas.

The TV remote. Front.
The TV remote. Rear view.

With this remote stopped working some of the buttons, for example «MENU».

Open the console, it needs podkovyrnut latch. There are panels that hold more than latches and screws.

Open control, a keyboard, a top view.

Remove the keyboard, here seen a lot of dirt between the keys on both the front and in the field of sensors under the buttons. Due to the quality of the last dirt of the remote is reduced.

Also see broken off button, but it was done at the factory. It is strange that so accurately. Maybe not at the factory do it?

Open console, keyboard, view from below.

All washed out, can be directly under the water and soap. The only fee then you should immediately wipe dry and dry, so that nothing is oxidized. So look clean parts:

Vse insides pochischeny

Now collect dry cleaned items. That should do it. I have all the buttons work well, just like on the new one.

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