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PC Speakers Repair

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Virtually all electronic appliances has inside voltage converters. Typically, this transformer. In the columns, which I repaired, this is the spoiled "converter". He is not burned out, as is often the case, and the fall broke holders and lost leads. But in the article, it goes on the reasons for failure, but about what this transformer can be replaced to fix the broken speakers or anything else with a similar malfunction.

Columns needed for the AC voltage of the order of 9-12V (this was the output transformer). If there is a similar transformer, there is no problem - change it and continue to use it, but I did not have it and do not think that many of them lying around in abundance. In most devices, the AC voltage from the transformer is converted into some constant simple circuit such as a diode bridge with a capacitor, so instead can apply AC and DC. But where can I get it?

Otkrytaya broken kolonka

DC voltage source, which have everyone

Chargers from mobile very tenacious, rarely burn out and are almost always going through their mobile phones. I have in my life, no "charge" is not burned. So have a lot of chargers, lay around and then I came up with a use for them. They can feed column. Took two to 5V 400mA to power the speakers. Brazed plastic case open is not difficult, we just have the seam chisel or screwdriver to tap, but do not overdo it, and then we can apply to damage.

Zaryadnye devices from mobilnyh

We took out the insides chargers. And of the remaining buildings can be built outlet . We will be connected in series output circuits to get a total of 10V. A parallel input, since both schemes must be received the same diet. So you can do, since the input and output are galvanically isolated flails.

Between the two devices to put some insulator, I put plastic wrap.

The output circuits are connected in series.

Solder the input circuits and sealed with the resulting creation.

The input circuits are connected in parallel.

All replacement transformer is ready to fluster her incoming wires on the 220 and go to the board, which sewed the wires from the transformer. In this case, the polarity is not important, since the input is suitable for an alternating voltage.

Pack this thing in the body column.

Kolonka with the new source pitaniya

Inside the well-fixed, well-kept, and to collect. Speakers running again and the source is probably not burn, because he is from enduring «charging».

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