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Torn Wire Insulation Near the Base

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Do dryer torn wire insulation near the base. In such a place mechanical stress during use has accounted for two of the remaining wiring, causing accelerated wear them, and probably, in this place, and they will break.

Porvalas external insulation provoda

The wires are not completely torn and will not bare the need to secure them.

Let's start with the dismantling of the hair dryer. Unscrew the two screws in the handle and a hair dryer opens.

Otkryty fen

We see a wire attached to the bend. If the insulation of internal wiring is intact, it will be sufficient to tighten the wire to part with damaged insulation was inside. And if you look inside the wire insulation is broken or damaged, burned or simply darkened, then you need to cut the wires near the site of injury, so as to cut off all the damaged areas, stripped and soldered to the circuit board inside the dryer. Alternating current polarity is not important, but you can solder the wires as they were originally, for peace of mind that everything is intact.

Podtyanuli provod

Now make a hair dryer, turn the screw and check it. Should be all I have earned and the look he became safer.

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