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Mouse Button Repair

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Illustrate wireless mouse HP

It began with the fact that the left button is pressed perceived only with considerable effort, and when you effortlessly fire every time. If the mouse button is not working, and it all started similarly, then remount the same plan. Mouse wheel is also not eternal, its recovery is described in the article «Mouse wheel does not work». It was decided to get to the innards are not running the mouse and clean the contact sites. To get to the mouse buttons would be nice to make out. With these difficulties have arisen: Remove the two screws in the battery compartment and the case was opened:

Mice unassembled.

The photo below shows the culprit. A little button on the center of the photograph next to an inverted sign SW1:

Knopka mouse on a common plate.

Now you need to disassemble the button itself

Its upper part is sitting on four plastic pins on top of empty seats. This mount neatly cut away the office knife, they also podkovyrivaem and remove the upper part. Now we have access to the internal parts: the moving part of the button and the contact metal diaphragm (see photo below).

Knopka mouse exploded vide

The bottom side of the membrane, which is the closing, covered with dark patina, its something we need to clean. Wiped with alcohol, then rubbed well - did not help. Then had to use a mechanical way - cleaning office knife, but only very gently without extra effort not to damage the membrane, because it can lose its ability to click.

No harm will be cleaned and the remaining buttons, for sure they too were covered with bloom and will soon begin work poorly. Retrieved on personal experience, it was. Here are a couple of photos with the result of cleaning:

Purified membrane button
Purified membrane button

If you look closely, the plaque is not completely removed from the membrane, in some places he stayed, for it is difficult to effortlessly perfect all carefully cleaned. So do not be superfluous to apply more and chemical cleaning method, for example, the processing of phosphoric acid or soldering flux containing acids, as well as a possible electrolyte for car battery, there is also a decent percentage of acid.

Cleaning acid

I, as usual, put a piece of paper, and what you advise not to mess up the furniture or other surface on which we can make removing oxides. All of the acid should be done with gloves. Put the membrane dirty side up, and put on it a drop of cleaning fluid on the basis of acid. In my example, soldering flux which contains phosphoric acid.

membrane with a drop of acid on her.

To accelerate the process of acid across the membrane will heat up, but it is not known how to wait for cleaning at room temperature. I warmed up with a cigarette lighter torch flame directed at a drop of a few seconds and she warmed up, and began to boil membrane cleared. acid on heating may splash guard your eyes and other body parts, as well as not inhale the fumes acid, it causes discomfort.

Heating droplets acid membrane lighter.
membrane mechanically cleaned and then chemical means.

Still, I decided to clean the rest of the buttons of the mouse. The membrane is still in operation button was not in such a state, a little cleaner. I tried to clean it once a chemical process, that's a good result for cleaning up:

membrane, purified only by the chemical method.

After cleaning, assemble the mouse in the opposite order.


Plant the top of the key on the glue, again gently, in a very small quantity and away from moving parts, such as corners (after my first sealing moving part is also stuck and jammed the button, I had to disassemble and re-stick). At the same time we remove excess dust from the mouse and collect. The mouse is now working perfectly.

Mysh almost sobrana
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