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Repair Sony Ericsson Xperia MT15i (SIM-card socket)

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

In SIM-card connector has broken one of six contacts. Ways to repair, replace all the contact group SIM-card or perverted and restore the broken-off "mustache". Of course, we will act as the second embodiment. Not least because there is no way in the home neatly vypayat contact group.

To begin with take off the back cover and battery, turn off the seven screws that hold the case. Six of them are metallic colors on the corners and sides. One of them is black, with a cap under the "star" between the headphone output and a micro-USB.

Open the back cover to remove the battery, unscrewed the screws

Before removing the back cover you must unplug the screen, it is a small cap (pictured above left).

Razem ekrana

Now you can podkovyrnuv side mounting, remove the rear cover. The truth is simpler to remove the screen, and then later back cover.

Zadnyaya cover snyata
Kontaktnaya group SIM-karty
Kontaktnaya group SIM-karty

We see the broken-off "mustache" (pictures taken after the removal of remnants of the old mustache). Let's try to find a replacement from another old mobile phone. For example, this:

«Usik» on zamenu
«Usik» on zamenu

Let's try to solder a new contact in our unit repaired. The base "mustache" had a little pruning, but it turned out:

Contact Group with the new
Contact Group with the new

New mustache soldered, now you need to bend it, so that when installing the SIM-card it was on par with the rest, otherwise you may not receive any contact and the phone does not recognize the SIM-card.

So as a new contact is directed straight to the side, where the inserted SIM-card, you must do something to protect it, so that the user does not accidentally picked up his installation SIM-card.

As a protective barrier has been planted a small drop of epoxy glue.

Contact Group with the new
Contact Group with the new

Putting the phone and check how it works. My first time SIM-card is not defined, had a little tuck a new contact.

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