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Touch Screen Replacement HTC

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Handhelds beat, break, or just beginning to work properly without any visible damage. In this paper, we consider the repair HTC Touch T3333 which does not work correctly touchscreen. Why am I writing right? Cracks nm was not and it worked in terms of short clicks. If you press on the screen and the movement began an unexpected reaction only vaguely reminiscent of the movement of the finger.

This fault is repaired fairly easily, just need to get a touch screen. Its easy to order, for example, China or America, perhaps somewhere else.

Get to the touch screen

Remove the back cover, pull out the battery and all removable cards (SIM, memory).

Zadnyaya cover snyata

Unscrew the screws (four), open the case. Housing need podkovyrnut something thin.

Podkovyrivaem korpus, to otkryt

They opened the case. Turn off the shiny screw (bottom right in the photo).

Korpus otkryt

Disconnect the ribbon cable LCD screen on top of him yellow tape, it just came unstuck.

Shleyf ZhK-ekrana otklyuchen
Shleyf ZhK-ekrana otklyuchen

Detach the ribbon touch screen (pictured right below it, is disconnected, was plastered with black tape).

Otsoedinim plume touch ekrana

Now we need to carefully peel the volume buttons, and then they just left hanging on a thin loop, so be extra careful. In the picture below the buttons were peeled off and the motherboard removed.

Knopki volume otkleeny
The motherboard is removed. Wieden screen

Take off the LCD screen.

ZhK-ekran snyat
ZhK-ekran snyat

For comparison, the old picture screens.

Dva touch ekrana

Now, he can remove the touchscreen. It is pretty hard sitting on the duct tape. Squeezing it with its occupied space. Next to the new screen in the bag.

Stary touchscreen snyat

If it will crack, that's okay, he's a non-working, most importantly - do not damage the body.

Now, you can insert a new one. On the new tape already have that will keep him, so we need a body to completely remove the remains of the old one.

Refined seat under the new touch-screen

On the new screen to fold the ribbon cable. So give it a form that was on the old one.

Insert and assemble everything in reverse order.

After the assembly does not hurt to do the screen calibration.

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