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Emergency Auto Starter Intego AS-0211

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Within just four parallel connected Schottky diode 40 A. Technical documentation: 42CTQ030S.

Perhaps the diodes to the lithium battery is not being charged from motor generator after the start of charging current for the above can be allowable.

That is, either the creators realized that the device will not give more than 160 A (4x40 A) or very believe in International Rectifier and have no doubt that their 40-voltage diodes withstand hundred amperes each.


« Crocodiles »
« Crocodiles »
« Crocodiles »

Note, in each two crocodile copper contact wire but connected to only one. Maybe nothing, but at high currents can cause a lack of energy to start the car. A pending current is not small.

Connector crocodiles

Connector« EC5 »

On the connector is written «EC5», and on the Internet about his writing that he currents for more than 120 A. How much more? Nothing concrete has been written, but I do not think a lot more, such as 200 or 300 A, but then so would be to write and sell it more expensive. Assume that 150 And he will stand, and it is the limit for this current for a few seconds needed to run the car. It turns out that the device should not be given more than 150 A, ie, the drive current of 200 A and a peak current of 400 A? Or the author of this text put forward the wrong theory for the maximum current connector «EC5».

Connector is the same as the Chinese JX-R02 300/600 A.

Appearance of the device:

Appearance Intego AS-0211, top view
Appearance Intego AS-0211, view from below
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