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Emergency Auto Starter Intego AS-0211

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Battery behaved very well on the double sided tape. Barely lifted. If you are going to repeat-be careful, be careful not to bend the Power Cell. I do not know how bad bend the battery, so I advise you not to try.

Power Cell extracted

No inscriptions on the containers or model Power Cell is not visible, nadrezhem blue paper packaging, there may be that there exists.

to reveal the cunning Chinese

Here are the answers! Voltage and capacitance: Only 2.4 Ah at 11.1, instead of the declared 12 Ah.

The truth about the capacity of Power Cell
The truth about the capacity of Power Cell

Chinese stealth factor for this device: 12 Ah declared share of 2.4 Ah real (let's say that the truth about the Power Cell capacity). It turns out exactly 5.

Poking around on the internet you can find information about the maximum discharge current lithium batteries. This current depends on the capacity and number and is denoted by the letter «C», such as 25C, which means that the battery capacity of 2.4 Ah discharge current is 2.4 A * 25, that is 60 A. For the most "vysokootdayuschih" battery capacity 2400 mAh maximum discharge current does not exceed 40C, ie 96A. Perhaps technology lithium energoyacheek gone far ahead and the author of these lines is wrong, then maybe the declared maximum discharge current of 400 A is true. In general, reportedly over a hundred amperes this device will not be able to give. And here the Chinese trick.

Tried on the internet to find at least some references or documentation about the Power Cell labeling-P6042125. Found only this: .html. Standard voltage 3.7 V lithium battery capacity of 2400 mAh. And we have three of these, connected in series. It turns 11.1 with a capacity of 2.4 Ah.

In the photo we see that this is not some kind of three cells at 11.1, and three connected in series.

Wire the Power Cell

And look what the Chinese are offering the link above.

Battery 2400 mAh P6042125 from a Chinese website


Without the photos and videos. Passenger car with petrol stranded (not completely, but when I try to start a retractor relay clicked) battery with this device wound up well, despite the Chinese trick with capacity and current returns. But with almost completely dead battery on the diesel car so easy to have failed. It is not clear due to the fact that the device is rather weak or due oxidised. Start the diesel engine only after the connection to the circuit board more than one battery is typically carried out at 500 amps. Together they pulled the diesel engine with a dead battery!


The Chinese, of course, well tricky, but the device can still help start the engine, if for some reason got the battery. Would not hurt so those who enjoy the rare machine, the battery is not the first freshness, but still alive, and after a long parking lot to start the engine can not.

See the article on a similar device, but a little more powerful: JX-R02 at 30,000 mAh!

Video of similar devices, where the maximum peak current up to 630 A:

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