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Common Rail Denso Injector Checking

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Nozzle is cleaned and assembled (this process is described in the article cleaning nozzles Common Rail DENSO), it remains to show how successfully. Special booth I do not have the machine from which it was removed, either. There is only Japanese and Korean DENSO injector engine CRDI.

Is there any way to connect this to the existing engine nozzle?

The thickness of thread input fuel channel is the same, the same pitch, so you can connect hydraulically (Photos below: Left-Bosch, right-DENSO).

The thickness of thread input fuel channel is the same
Shag thread sovpadaet

Now electrically. from Bosch solenoid coil resistance of 0.5 ohms, with DENSO-0.6 ohms. The difference is small, but DENSO little more, then fed with equal voltage, the current in the coil DENSO will be less. And maybe it does not matter, I read that there up to 80 volts primary voltage. And in the video of the Common Rail Bosch said that current is supplied 20A to open, then it drops to 12, on hold.

Just plug does not fit, well, that's okay, you still have to make an extension cord. Here's what I got:

Klemmy to connect to forsunke
soldered ends for connecting to the nozzle.
Provoda tselikom

turn to practice

It remains to come out to the car and connect the nozzle. Getting to the engine:

Forsunki engine CRDI

Turn off the injectors (three connectors are disabled in the photo), so that the engine did not start to wind up and twitching. And also disable the glow plugs (disconnected connector on the left), they will waste energy, because its reserves are limited to one battery.

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