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Tubeless Tire Repair

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The main plus chamber wheels - it is an opportunity to repair the road. Among motorists are of the opinion that tubeless tires repaired without the involvement of professionals possible. It is not. In fact tubeless tire repair you can even in the field. Just need to carry in the trunk of a special patch and harness. In the automobile sellers of these materials claim that the repairs on their own, sometimes much better, than shinomontazhkah. Since experts to repair using cheap materials, which reduces the quality of the repair. This article will talk about how to repair tubeless tires themselves.

Tire puncture chamber causes the air coming out of the camera fills the space between the tire and the camera. There is another drawback of the chamber tires: they can be punctured from the inside due to wear and tear cord.

Radial tubeless tire

In the case of tubeless tires puncture the air will go out only through the puncture. Biggest obstacle to the air outlet creates a wheel stuck in the subject, because of which there was a puncture. Due to this factor, tubeless wheels are considered safer. The air is punctured tubeless wheels etched slowly. And if you regularly swap the wheel, you can get to the nearest service station. You should also know that the repair of tubeless tires - the process is less laborious than the repair chamber tires.

Interim measures

    Make chamber repairs tires in two ways:
  • first option - use special car care products;
  • second option - to apply for repair patches and bundles.

In the first case you reanimiruete wheel for a while. Usually enough to repair one hundred kilometers, and then still have to do major repairs tires.

Before using a sealant tubeless tire repair, is necessary to study the instructions. Pull the wheel stuck in the subject, because of which there was a puncture, do not. Leave it in place. To attach the wheel valve sealing container and upload the contents of the canister inside. Sealant fills the punctured hole, and air leakage stops. It should be remembered that the repairs carried out by hermetic, in any case lead to a breach of wheel balancing. So do not go at high speed, as it is unsafe.

Today in the market three types of sealants, which repaired tubeless tire spray, silicone and liquid. Brands of the product set. Every motorist can pick up a product that meets its quality and price. Using spray with aerosol sealant, you need to pump the wheel to the point where you can continue driving. At a pressure of one atmosphere, the sealant will work and close generated from the puncture hole. After waiting a few minutes, you will be able to go. This temporary measure will help you get to the place of repair. The main drawback of aerosol sealants - highly flammable. Another negative - the decline of quality sealant at low temperatures. In winter, so do not use sealant. It is better to err and take with helium composition and harnesses designed for the repair of tubeless tires.

Bundles are of two types. Some are designed for professional repair to tire, the second for temporary repairs on the road. Harnesses are made of foam butyl, which includes thin filaments of nylon.

It should be noted that the use of the harness, it is only a temporary measure. To use a harness on the road, you do not need to be removed and razbortirovat damaged wheel. Having determined the puncture, you remove the item from the wheel, through which there was a puncture. In the hole you with an awl or thin screwdriver to put a tourniquet. After a couple of minutes, pump up the wheel and can continue driving. Air leakage is excluded.

The trick is in a special adhesive and a soft and porous butyl. The manufacturer claims that after such a tubeless tire repair you can travel up to 200 km. By the way, professional and temporary harnesses do the same firm.

When buying a harness should pay attention to the instructions, which is written for what they are repairing. Much to the dismay of part repair shops are bundles of tires for temporary repairs, as professional products are more expensive.

quality repair of tubeless tires with own hands

Not always-repair tires are an example of a professional repair. Should not get upset. Today, every motorist can do if you want a quality repair of tubeless tires.

You will need some tools: pliers, knife, Witos awl awl and easy hook-and-needles. Also need glue activator and several professional harnesses. Usually, the materials and tools are sold in a single set.

We note the piercing

To repair the wheel is not necessary to remove it. Enough to mark the puncture site with chalk or marker, and then you can extract pliers culprit puncture.

Prepare the hole

Next on Witos awl Apply glue activator. Shiloh is inserted in the hole puncture and five cranking clockwise. Developing a hole, take out Witos awl. This is to ensure that the adhesive activator is not stopped.

Set bundle

Tool for flagellum at the puncture site

Awl needle and burn profusely grease glue. Quickly take out Witos awl and sewing with a needle is inserted tourniquet. Wait until the glue dries activator. Inflate the tire to two atmospheres, and check the strength of the rope. If all is well, you can cut off the protruding ends of the rope. Quality repairs on their own made.

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