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Mouse Repair

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

One of the most common reasons that a mouse can not work - it is an internal broken wires on the battery cable to the mouse. Computer mouse whether USB or PS/2 uses five wires. One screening, two supply and two for data. At break of at least one of them, except the shield, the result is - the mouse does not work. It is possible that some details do not work, for example, Wheel or button .

Consider the repair of such a failure. We first analyze the mouse by unscrewing the 4 screws that are under the pads slip. There are other mounting structures, but this - the most popular.

Mysh otkryta

dismantled mouse

In different mice of different wires connected to the main board: there are soldered connector are connected.

This motherboard uses a connector that can be turned off, remove the wire from the mouse and have to work only with him.

Disconnect and pulled the wire out of the mouse

Remove from the damaged section of the outer insulation.

Vneshnyaya insulation removed from provoda

If the bend in the wiring region of greatest mechanical strain, it is seen that the two wires are bent in one place more significant than others. It is said that inside the conductor broke in and held a lead only to isolation.

Izgib damaged provodov

Cut out the damaged section:

Obrezaem damaged area provodov

Mop up, prepare and soldered wire. If there is a heat-shrinkable tube, be sure to put it first, do not repeat my mistakes. At first I "loved" to solder, and then unsolder to put the heat shrink tubing. If the tube is not present, duct tape, too, will go. If your mouse does not have the "extra" connectors, then no extra insulation just slightly shorter wire solder to the board. Just do not rush otpaivat old wires from the board to know which wire to solder. In general, you can solder to the board, even if there is a connection, as in my example. Well, who needs this connector inside the mouse? Spare wires is not for sale, so there is no point in it whatsoever. If I'm wrong, then please correct me.

I even managed to pick up on the colors of the heat shrink tubing. And one more I put on the wire, in the sense of all the wires in the braid and the total isolation.

Odety shrink trubki

Solder the small tubes and upset:

Provoda spayany
Termousadochnye tube osazheny

After welding of tubes and jumping all happened pretty neat.

Provod otremontirovan

Pack it in a mouse, collect it and continue to use it.

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